Protection against rear-end collisions.  BUY NOW!

Smart lamp provides early, automatic deceleration indication.  
It's got your back!

For Motorcycles, Cars, Vans, Buses, Heavy Duty Trucks, and Trailers.

AUTOMATIC brake light that works when it should:

  • Downshifts & Engine Braking
  • Front-end Collisions
  • Vehicle Malfunctions that Suddenly Slow Vehicle  

Installs just like the bulb it replaces -- no wiring modifications or splice-in module

Stoptix is the first AUTOMATIC brake lamp.

Stoptix* is the only automatic brake light that requires no modifications to your motorcycle or vehicle wiring because it is the first product to offer a deceleration indicator solution inside the lamp, self-powered and self-illuminating.  Simply swap your bulb for our smart lamp.  

Stoptix increases visibility via early deceleration indication and reduces your chances of being rear-ended.  Indicating deceleration one second earlier at 55 mph is 80 feet of additional stopping distance for following vehicles.

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When Available

ORDER NOW from our store!  We will also have units on the shelves at your local dealership and motorcycle gear retailers in October 2016.  Our big roll-out is at the American International Motorcycle Expo on October 13. 

Watch our social media for the announcement on where you can purchase Stoptix. 


If your bulb is an 1157 (12 Volt) or an 1154 (6 Volt) type and not rear-loading then the Stoptix lamp should fit.

CAN Bus:  Stoptix lamps have been tested in the Harley-Davidson HDLAN (CAN Bus) system confirming that the bike can "learn" the Stoptix lamp in 5 minutes with the hazard lights on, even with incandescent lamps installed in the front of the bike.  


Our deceleration-triggered stop lamp utility patent was issued by the United States Patent and Trademark Office on May 3, 2016.

Stoptix Press

What are riders are saying about Stoptix?

Waterloo, AL
September 20, 2014

We showed the Stoptix automatic brake lamp to riders at the end of the Trail of Tears Ride. We took no longer than 30 seconds introducing and demonstrating Stoptix. These interviews were unscripted and shot in a single take.

An introduction by Jeff Hammock, Founder & CEO

Why You Need a Stoptix Lamp

Motorcycles:  You don't have to remember to squeeze the brake lever when you downshift or rapidly slow down under engine braking.  It also works great for when your bike runs out of fuel, suddenly slowing the bike until you switch over to the reserve tank. 

Builders and Collectors:  You need to protect your investment by installing Stoptix lamps.  The last thing you need is to ruin months or years of work by being rear-ended.   

Cargo and Fleet:  Reduce your companies exposure, especially when self-insured, by reducing the chance of the truck or fleet vehicle being rear-ended.  Cut your bottom line costs by reducing your exposure and liability with this very cost effective product.  Reduce the down time your business suffers while the vehicle is being repaired.  Reduce the likelihood of your cargo being damaged.  

Passengers:  Reduce your chances of being rear-ended and the possibility of your passengers being injured or worse.  Stoptix lamps are a small cost to pay for this level of increased safety.

Frequently Asked Questions


Will it fit my vehicle?

The Stoptix lamp is designed to fit most tail/brake sockets that use an 1154 (U.S.) or 1157 bulb (U.S.) or P21/5W (old designation: P25-2).  We designed the housing to be shallow enough to install without hitting the reflector in your vehicle but still have a large effective area for higher visibility. 

Socket:  The Stoptix lamp requires a horizontal socket, parallel with level ground, for bulbs using a BA15d metal lamp base.  Note that some trailer lights have a socket pointing upward and that our Stoptix light will not work in these few exceptions.  

Rear-loading Bulbs:  Stoptix 1157 won't fit in rear loading housings due to the one-inch diameter hole through which the bulb must be inserted (our smart lamp is 1.5 inches in diameter).  

Will it work in older vehicles?

Stoptix will work at voltages between 6 VDC and 26 VDC.  It will work in an older vehicle with a 6 Volt system.

How long does the battery last?

The battery life should last 2 hours between recharges and still have enough energy to illuminate the LED.  Recharging the battery occurs in just under 3 seconds automatically every time you apply the brakes.   If your bike or vehicle has a tail/running lamp that is always on, then Stoptix is always fully charged to indicate deceleration.

How does it compare to the incandescent bulb?

Stoptix has many advantages over the the original bulb it replaces: 

  • Stoptix emits red light brighter than the incandescent bulb so it looks great behind clear or smoked light covers (off-white opaque color when off). 
  • Stoptix will last longer than the incandescent, likely to outlast the vehicle itself.  
  • Stoptix turns itself on when it should!

Will the stoptix lamp illuminate the license plate?

License plate illumination is not presently available in the Stoptix 1157 lamp.

I live outside of the United States, can I order a Stoptix lamp?

Yes. The Stoptix lamp will ship worldwide with CE certification, RoHS (lead-free) compliance, an EU approved.  Stoptix is designed to meet or exceed stop lamp standards worldwide. 

Early Development Photos